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What to Expect

When you are looking for veterinary care, you should expect and count on superior care and excellent service. At Forest Hill Animal Hospital, our veterinary professionals strive to provide your pet with the best possible healthcare. We utilize the latest technology in a clean, comfortable, and efficient environment.

Make an appointment today by calling (901) 754-5007 to ensure your pet has quality care.

What to Expect from Our Veterinarians

There is one thing you should expect from your pet's veterinarian: excellent care. We provide superior treatment for pets and educate owners about the best options available to care for their pets. You can also count on our team to provide high-quality diagnostic tools and up-to-date technology.

We can also provide knowledge. As a pet owner, you know the journey is not easy. You need to have authoritative sources you can turn to for credible information. That's part of our goal, to ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your pet's healthcare.

At least once a year, every pet should have a thorough check-up. This should include a comprehensive physical exam, checks for internal and external parasites, vaccinations, and wellness blood work. Our team of veterinarians will check the health of your pet from head to tail and address any concerns you may have.

For new patients, please bring any past medical records you may have for your pet. This will help us understand your pets' history and provide appropriate care going forward. If this is a new puppy or kitten, please ask for all shot and deworming records from the seller.

Occasionally, circumstances require more specialized care than we can provide at Forest Hill Animal Hospital.  In those cases, we will refer you to a local group of specialists at Memphis Veterinary Specialists.