Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown can serve as a lifetime resource for all your pet's needs. Here are some of the services commonly provided by our Germantown animal hospital:

services at germantown veterinarian provides for animals

Pet Grooming & Bathing

Our bathing and grooming services can keep your pet looking, feeling and smelling terrific. Our Hydrosurge power bathing system offers deeper, more thorough cleaning for optimal results.

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding at our Germantown animal hospital gives your pet ready access to medical care, nutritious meals, regular playtime and human affection. It's the perfect solution when you must travel without your beloved companion.

Pet Vaccinations & Pet Wellness Exams

Vaccinations safeguard your pet against rabies and other potentially deadly diseases. Your veterinarian in Germantown can vaccinate pets during their routine wellness exams, which include detailed internal and external evaluations and lab tests to detect any health problems as early as possible.

Pet Surgery

Your veterinarian in Germantown can provide everything from routine spay and neuter surgery (an important wellness procedure) to complex orthopedic, internal and emergency pet surgery.

Pet Dental Care

Dental examinations and cleanings can help you protect your pet against periodontal disease, tooth loss, abscessed root canals and even oral cancer. We can also extract diseased teeth that threaten the health of surrounding teeth.

Pet Radiology & Pet Ultrasounds

These diagnostic technologies help us see internal problems affecting your pet. Radiology is ideal for viewing harder structures such as bone, while ultrasound is excellent at imaging  real-time functions.

Lite Cure Pet Therapy Laser

Our Lite Cure Therapy Laser uses low-level laser light to penetrate the skin harmlessly, stimulating blood flow and cellular healing process underneath for drug-free pain management and accelerated recovery.

Pet Microchipping

Microchipping, the non-surgical insertion of a tiny ID-transmitting chip under your pet's skin, allows animal workers to connect lost pets to their owners by matching up the ID with a pet registry database.

Pet Parasite Control & Prevention

We can provide effective treatments to rid your pet of fleas, ticks, worms and other unwelcome guests. We can then keep those pests and parasites away through a program of preventative medication.

Fully-Stocked Pharmacy

Whatever prescribed medications your pet may need, you can get them right here. Our fully-stocked pharmacy makes pet care that much more convenient!

Dog Training

Behavioral issues can cause an unhappy home life for both you and your dog. We can evaluate the cause of those issues and set you up with training through our trusted dog training partner.

Hills Prescription Diet and Royal Canin

Proper diet and nutrition are critical for maintaining your pet's weight and overall health. We're proud to offer Hills Science Diet, Hills Prescription Diet, Hills Ideal Balance and Royal Canin products to give your pet the raw materials he needs to thrive.

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  • "Dr Johnson was great with Lily and explained everything to us. We felt like we are in good hands with him !"
    Joel & Ali R
  • "Dr. Hanks was wonderful with our grandpup, Clay! He was totally calm and never got nervous or shaky. Happily, he got a great report on everything."
    Susan B