Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks are never a good thing, causing distress to pets that spend time outdoors and even some that are purely indoor animals. If your pet requires a flea treatment or if you would like help with tick prevention tactics, our veterinary team at Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown can help. Read on to learn how to recognize signs of a parasite problem, how to keep your pet from contracting fleas and ticks, and what our vet can do to help. 


Signs Your Pet Needs Tick Or Flea Treatment

There are a few signals that indicate your pet is suffering from a flea or tick problem. If you notice your dog or cat is scratching and biting at their coat more than they had in the past, they may be dealing with skin irritation and itchiness. Part their fur and check for the presence of fleas or specks of black, which is "flea dirt", or flea excrement. Engorged ticks are usually noticed when you pet your dog or cat. It is best to provide your pet with tick and flea treatment medication to kill existing parasites and keep future ones from becoming problems.

How To Protect Your Pet Against Parasites

Using monthly topical treatments can protect your pet from future outbreaks. This is usually placed between the shoulder blades of your pet and will provide ongoing protection for up to a month. Subsequent treatments need to be provided to break the life cycles of the parasites. Check your pet for parasites visually and contact our vet if you notice them upon your pet's skin. Keep on top of landscaping tasks and use a flea and tick pest control agent if they are noticed in your yard in large numbers. 

What Our Veterinarian Will Do To Help

When you bring your dog or cat to our practice for flea or tick prevention help, a full evaluation of their health is conducted first to ensure they are able to handle medication if it is necessary to remove existing parasites from the body. If they are not deemed healthy enough, a flea comb or pair of tweezers will be needed to remove parasites. If their medication condition is in good standing, our vet will prescribe medication to eradicate existing parasites and keep future outbreaks from occurring. This medication needs to be administered according to our vet's instructions to ensure ongoing protection is provided.

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