Pet Wellness Exam FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Important Pet Wellness Exam in Germantown

Pet wellness exams are a routine yet critical aspect of veterinary care. If you've never scheduled this type of pet exam in Germantown, you may be wondering why we do it and what it involves. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on the subject at Forest Hill Animal Hospital.frequently asked questions about pet wellness exams from your veterinarian in germantown

  • My pet seems fine. Why does he need an exam? Some of the deadliest health threats may not show themselves to owners until they're well advanced. Wellness exams catch those hidden issues (including problems that are apparent, but only to a trained eye) so your Germantown veterinarian on our three-practitioner team can nip them in the bud.
  • How often does my pet need to undergo a wellness exam? Most adult animals with no known health concerns should have an annual pet wellness exam. In some situations, as in preparations for traveling or boarding, your pet may need an additional exam just to make sure he is ready for his adventure. Puppies and kittens may need multiple exams early in life to ensure that they're developing normally.
  • Why does my senior pet now need more frequent exams? As your pet ages, he is at elevated risk for several kinds of ailments, including heart failure, kidney problems, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, arthritis, cancer, vision/hearing issues and cognitive impairment. The earlier the detect these problems, the more successfully we can treat them. That's why your senior pet needs two yearly exams instead of just one.
  • What kinds of evaluations will my Germantown veterinarian perform? Your Germantown veterinarian will inspect your pet thoroughly inside and out. We take vital sign readings and perform external examinations of the eyes, ears, nose, tail, oral cavity and skin. Your pet will also undergo blood, urine and fecal testing to detect systemic abnormalities, parasitic infestations, and other issues.
  • What are you looking for when you examine my pet's mouth? Inspecting the oral cavity allows checking for oral cancer, an aggressive, possibly deadly disease, as well as cracked/broken teeth and periodontal disease.
  • Why is weighing part of a pet exam in Germantown? Excess weight is a precursor to joint pain, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and many other health challenges. Keeping your pet's weight in line can, therefore, help minimize your pet's risk for these and other problems.
  • What happens if you discover a problem? If your pet is suffering from a disease or disorder, we will explain the situation to you and lay out the available treatment options. Depending on the situation, we may prescribe medication, recommend an exercise routine or special diet, or discuss any more advanced procedures that might be necessary. The good news is that we caught the problem as early as possible!

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