Vaccinations and Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exams for Germantown, Collierville and the Surrounding Areas

dog receiving pet wellness exam at germantown animal hospital

Just how healthy is your pet? A wagging tail, glossy coat and impressive appetite are all good signs, but they hardly begin to tell the entire story of your pet's current well-being. A variety of lurking diseases may be either doing damage to your pet's health or waiting for an opportunity to do so. That's why regular pet wellness exams are such a critical step toward helping your pet stay healthy for many years to come -- and it's Why Forest Hill Animal Hospital offers this service for Germantown, Collierville and surrounding area.

Anatomy of a Pet Exam at Our Germantown Animal Hospital

When your pet visits our Germantown animal hospital for a typical pet exam, you can rest assured that he will receive a thorough evaluation, inside and out. Your experienced Germantown veterinarian on our three-vet team will administer such importance basic checks as:

  • Weight- Weighing your pet can reveal signs that he might be suffering from an illness, or whether he's eating too much (or the wrong foods )and exercising too little, which can promote obesity and all the chronic ailments that accompany it.

  • External exam - We check your pet's eyes, ears, nose, skin, paws, anal glands and other structures for any signs of infection or disease. 

  • Lab tests - Blood and urine tests can alert us to systemic problems such as cancer, allergies, diabetes, organ failure and viral infections, while fecal testing can reveal the presence of parasites.

  • Vital signs - Your veterinarian in Germantown will check your pet's heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, pulse, temperature and other wellness benchmarks.

  • Mouth exam - We will examine your pet's mouth for any signs of tooth damage or disease, gum disease, oral cancer and other problems that may require care. We can also perform a deep cleaning during the exam to remove tartar.

Vaccinations and Other Routine Wellness Procedures

Once your veterinarian in Germantown has a clear understanding of your pet's current state of health, any problems that require correction can be treated, from de-worming to customized dietary and exercise plans. 

But even if your pet seems healthy, he may still need certain preventative procedures such as flea and tick prevention. Vaccinations and vaccination updates are another prime example of preventative care. Our vet center typically administers core vaccinations against such killer disease as rabies and distemper, with additional elective vaccinations for pets at special risk. Spay/neuter surgery is also a vital wellness procedure because it can prevent or lower your pet's risk for reproductive cancer and related ailments. Even microchipping is considered wellness care for its ability to help lost pets return to the safety of their homes.

Your Veterinarian in Germantown Wants to Keep Your Pet Well!

From puppies and kittens to adult animals and senior pets, your veterinarian in Germantown want to keep your furry family members well. Call 901-730-8855 to schedule a pet exam!