Pet Surgery

Even routine surgery is a serious business that requires skill, expertise, and compassionate patient care -- and that's why pet owners trust Forest Hill Animal Hospital. The veterinarians and staff at our Germantown animal hospital provide top-quality care while keeping you informed and educated on your pet's surgical procedure and options.

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We treat the pets under our care as if they were our own, from pre-operative evaluations to post-operative follow-ups. You can count on your veterinarian in Germantown when your pet needs procedures such as:

Spay and Neuter Surgery - Spay and neuter surgery should be considered an essential preventative wellness procedure, ideally performed before your pet reaches sexual maturity. Spay surgery (removal of female reproductive organs) and neuter surgery (removal of male testes) doesn't just help control the animal population -- it also protects your pet against reproductive cancers, heat-inspired dangerous behaviors, and other health threats.

Dental Surgery - Dental surgery is sometimes necessary to maintain the overall health of your pet's mouth. The most routine example is teeth cleaning under anesthesia to remove built-up tartar that leads to periodontal disease. We can also extract teeth, repair injuries and remove oral cancers as needed.

External Surgery - Your veterinarian in Germantown frequently performs surgery to remove skin lumps or other lesions for biopsy. We can also use surgery to treat injured eyes, ears, tails or other external features.

Internal Surgery - If your pet requires internal surgery, he's in good hands at our Germantown animal hospital. We can remove internal tumors, repair damaged or ailing organs, and administer C-sections in cases of dystocia (difficult labor).

Orthopedic Surgery - Orthopedic surgery can repair, modify or otherwise treat joint and bone conditions that might otherwise cause a lifetime of pain and lameness for your pet. We can restructure knee joints suffering from ligament damage, relieve pain and improve function in a hip plagued by dysplasia, fuse painfully arthritic vertebrae to limit bone friction and much more.

Emergency Surgery - Some surgical procedures are urgent in nature. Our skilled, experienced team can perform emergency surgery to untwist digestive organs threatened by bloat, remove stones or other obstacles to urination, extract swallowed foreign objects; pin together complicated fractures, seal lacerations and stop bleeding.

Pet Surgery Care From Diagnostics to Recovery

We view pet surgery as more than an isolated procedure; instead, it's a process that calls for scrupulous care and attention. We begin by using state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques to obtain the clearest possible understanding of your pet's condition, sharing that information with you so you can make smart treatment decisions. During the operation, we maintain a close watch over anesthesia so your pet remains as safe and comfortable as possible. Following the surgery, we'll provide medications, postoperative care tips, and follow-up exams to help your pet recuperate.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Surgery at Forest Hill Animal Hospital

Does the prospect of pet surgery fill you with concern, confusion, and questions? There are the answers to some frequently asked pet surgery questions here at Forest Hill Animal Hospital.

What kinds of emergencies might call for veterinary surgery?

We may recommend surgery to set a complex fracture, allow for safe delivery of puppies or kittens, stop arterial bleeding, repair damaged organs, remove an internal object or blockage, or correct the digestive twisting of gastric dilatation volvulus (bloat).

When might you perform exploratory surgery on a pet?

Exploratory surgery can prove invaluable for confirming a diagnosis. For instance, we typically remove skin lumps or other suspicious lesions, then perform a biopsy to see whether the lump is malignant. We can recommend the correct approach to any further treatment.

What is the purpose of orthopedic surgery?

Orthopedic surgery involves the repair or remodeling of damaged joints. Typical examples include procedures to restructure a knee with a ruptured ACL ligament, remodeling or replacement of a hip joint deformed by dysplasia, and spinal fusion surgery to relieve severe spinal arthritis pain.

What kinds of dental surgery are commonly performed?

A severely damaged or diseased tooth may need to be extracted to protect your pet's overall health. We may also surgically remove an oral cancer tumor or make surgical repairs to an injured jaw.

Why does my pet need spay or neuter surgery?

In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, spay and neuter surgery protects your pet's health. Among other benefits, removal of the reproductive organs takes away the threat of reproductive cancers.

Does microchipping require surgery?

You'll be happy to know that microchipping doesn't require surgery. The tiny transceiver we implant in your pet can actually be injected via syringe just beneath the skin.

How concerned should I be about my pet receiving general anesthesia?

Anesthesia is important because it keeps your pet from moving around or feeling pain during the operation. We administer just the right amount of anesthesia and monitor your pet's vital signs throughout the surgery.

What kinds of pre-operative and post-operative care will my pet receive?

Your veterinarian in Germantown will perform a preliminary evaluation to make sure your pet is healthy enough for both the surgery and the anesthesia. We will also supply you with the necessary post-operative medications and instructions for caring for your recovering pet. A follow-up exam may be recommended.

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