Pain Management

Pain Management Treatment For Your Pets

Here at Forest Hill Animal Hospital, your Germantown veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of your pets. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, your pet may be in pain. They may have a chronic condition that causes pain or they may have an acute and sudden injury. Fortunately, pain is not something that you or your pet has to live with. We offer pain management services to help reduce or stop the pain your pet is experiencing. 

pet gettting pain management treatment

Conditions That May Cause Pain in Pets

There are many different things that can cause pain in your pet. Everything from a stomach ache to arthritis to a sprain or broken leg can be painful. Pets may also be in pain if they ingested something they should not have, have a medical condition, such as cancer or colitis, or the pain may be due to aging. Since there can be so many reasons a pet can be in pain, it is best to let us determine what is going on with your pet and how to treat it. 

How to Tell If Your Pet is in Pain

Every pet handles pain differently. But the one feature that is noticeable in all pets is a change in their behavior. Some pets become more aggressive, while others hide and avoid people when they are in pain. Many pets will have altered breathing, be less inclined to eat and have changed to their eyes when they are in pain. They may also be more lazy, wanting to sleep more and play less. If you notice any of these changes in your pet's behavior, especially if you notice your pet crying or whelping, they may be in pain. 

Treatment Options for Pain

Here at Forest Hill Animal Hospital, we can treat your pet's pain in a variety of different ways. If the pain is due to an illness or injury, we can help to diagnose the problem and treat it. With proper treatment, the pain should lessen until it is gone. We also offer physical therapy services, helping to strengthen weakened parts of the body back up. Lastly, if needed, we can provide your pet with medications to help reduce swelling or pain. 

When to Bring Your Pet to the Vet for Pain

If your pet seems to be in a bit of pain, you may find yourself wondering when you should take them to a vet. If the pain doesn't seem too bad, you can wait it out for a day or two and see if it gets better. Just like we can wake up with a sore back, your pet can get minor aches or pain as well. If your pet is crying out in pain or it seems like their pain is not improving or worsening, you should bring them to us so we can figure out what is going on and how to treat it. 

Just like humans, pets may find themselves in pain for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, a pet does not have to live with pain. Pain management is available to help treat and minimize the pain your pet may feel. Our veterinary clinic can help you determine why your pet is in pain and how to treat it. Here at Forest Hill Animal Hospital, we are dedicated to helping your pet feel better. If your pet is in pain call 901-730-8855 to schedule an appointment for your pet to be seen, diagnosed and treated.