Pet Nutrition

The Importance of Proper Pet Nutrition Throughout All Life Stages

Forest Hill Animal Hospital, your Germantown veterinarian is dedicated to providing your companion animals with the nutrition that they need to live full and healthy lives. Puppies and kittens require a high level of nutrition and their food is typically higher in fat than other foods. Your new kitten or puppy will grow out of their need for early-stage food and should transition to adult food around the 6-month period in order to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Senior pets are generally less active and will not have the same nutritional needs of adult pets. When your cat or dog transitions to senior food, our veterinarian can help guide you through the process and make sure that their nutritional needs are being met.

Dog eating healthy pet food after visiting the veterinarian.

We can answer all of your questions and address your concerns during your next wellness visit. If your pet is lethargic or just not acting like themselves, their food may be the culprit. The Forest Hill Animal Hospital is dedicated to helping you meet the nutritional needs of your pet as part of their overall pet wellness care.

Pet Nutrition and Maintaining Proper Weight Levels and Avoiding Allergies

If your cat or dog is overweight we will address the situation and offer some strategies to help them lose weight. Maintaining a healthy weight level is one of the key parts of good pet care and one that our staff believes in wholeheartedly. Additionally, your pet may have an allergy to certain ingredients that are commonly found in pet food. In such instances, we can work with you to find healthy options that are grain-free and easily digested. With the wide range of nutritious pet food that is currently available, working around a pet allergy is much simpler than it once was.

Pet parents that are concerned about the energy level and overall vitality of their furry friends can work with our staff to find the pet food and eating plan that is most optimal for their dog or cat. Proper nutrition plays a significant role in the overall health and wellness of our companion animals and finding them the right food plan is an important step in keeping them happy and healthy.

Contact Forest Hill Animal Hospital to Learn More about Pet Nutrition

During your pet's regular wellness exam, our veterinarian can review your pet's diet with you to determine that they are getting the nutrition that they need. If it is time for your furry friend's regular pet care visit, please call us today at (901) 754-5007 to schedule an appointment. Our animal hospital is conveniently located at 3133 Forest Hill Irene Road in Germantown.