Pet Allergies

Pet Allergies Treatment with our Germantown Veterinarian

pet allergies

Sneezing, skin rashes and other common allergic reactions can happen with pets when they are exposed to certain allergens. While some cases of pet allergies in Germantown are mild ones that come and go, others can cause serious discomfort or put pets at risk of developing other health issues. At Forest Hill Animal Hospital, we can help you figure out what your pets are allergic to and provide treatment to relieve symptoms. 

Common Pet Allergens

Pets can develop allergies to different kinds of allergens. While some pets have reactions to specific pet food ingredients, such as wheat or corn, others can have symptoms flare up when they are exposed to certain environmental allergens, such as dust mites, pollen or certain cleaning products. When your pets encounter an allergen, their immune system responds by considering it a threat and taking steps to get rid of it. This is what causes sneezing and other symptoms to occur. 

Signs of a Pet Allergy

How do you know if your pets are having an allergic reaction to food, environmental sources or other allergens? Some pets have symptoms that affect their skin, such as a rash, while others have symptoms that affect their respiratory system. Respiratory symptoms that can occur during an allergic reaction include wheezing, trouble breathing, watery eyes, runny nose or sneezing. Other pets have symptoms that affect their digestive system, such as diarrhea. Pets that are showing any signs of allergies should see our veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis and treatment options. Keep in mind that symptoms of a pet allergy can be worse in pets as they get older or if they have other health problems that can affect their respiratory system. 

Pet Allergy Treatments in Germantown

When you bring your pets to our Germantown office for allergies, we will help you determine which specific allergens their bodies are reacting to. This is an important part of treatment, since avoiding allergens when possible can help reduce allergic reactions. Our veterinarian can discuss ways to manage your pets’ allergies, such as changing to a different pet food for food allergies. The type of treatment your pets need depends on the allergen that is bothering them. In cases where allergens are very difficult to avoid, pets might benefit from allergy medications. These medications help ease the symptoms of allergic reactions.

Visit Our Animal Hospital for Pet Allergy Testing and Treatment 

If you think that your pets might have allergies, please contact Forest Hill Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment. Our veterinarian can find out what your pets are allergic to and provide treatment and advice for managing symptoms as needed.