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Lite Cure Laser Therapy with Our Veterinarian in Germantown

As your pet gets older, you want them to stay as active and comfortable as possible. When arthritis strikes, this can be hard. Our pets often experience joint and muscle pain naturally as they age. At our Germantown office, Forest Hill Animal Hospital, we offer Lite Cure laser therapy, a new laser technique designed to ease arthritic pain in older pets. 


What Is Lite Cure Laser Therapy?

An effective and safe arthritis treatment for dogs, Lite Cure Therapy is a state of the art, non-invasive method to treat your senior pet's arthritis pain. Pet owners love laser therapy because it's a pain free treatment for pets. Dogs often relax within minutes of receiving laser therapy as their pain is eased. Pets love laser therapy because all they have to do is relax. There are no needles, no pains, and no stress. Lite Cure laser therapy involves a quick, handheld laser treatment and usually takes about ten minutes. As the laser works through your pet's soft tissue, their blood flow will be stimulated, which works to promote heating and decrease inflammation. As inflammation decreases, pets often feel stress lifted off of their nerves and joints, resulting in nearly instantaneous pain relief. 

Instead of trying to treat your pet's pain with medication, Lite Cure laser therapy offers a safe, convenient way to give your pet lasting relief. Our veterinarian will walk you and your pet through every step of the process, and after your treatment, we'll talk with you about follow up care to ensure that the laser's helpful effects last as long as possible. 

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If your aging pet is suffering from arthritis pain, it's time to get them the help they deserve. Call our veterinarian in Germantown at Forest Hill Animal Hospital today at 901-754-5007. We look forward to helping your pet find natural, safe relief from their arthritis pain.


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