Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Looking for a Pet Pharmacy? Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown, TN, Has You Covered!

Just like humans, pets need medications as well. They may need a one-time prescription due to an illness they are suffering from, or they may need routine meds to treat a chronic condition they are dealing with. Here at Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown, TN, we have veterinarians who can examine your pet and write him a prescription, as well as a fully stocked pharmacy to help your pet get the meds that he needs. 


What Types of Pet Medications Do We Offer? 

At Forest Hill Hospital, we offer a wide array of pet medication, including pills for flea and tick prevention, antibiotics, heartworm pills, and pills to help your pet manage pain after a recent injury that he may have sustained. We offer oral, topical and injectable medications, to help ensure that medication time is not a trying time for you or your pet. We can also help to give your pet his medications or teach you tricks to help get the medicine to go down. 

Do You Need a Prescription to Order Pet Medications from Us? 

Pet medication is regulated just like human medication. While there are some products that are over-the-counter medications, there are also many types of medications that require a prescription. Our staff can see your pet and help you to get a prescription, or we can take a prescription from another vet and fill it for you. 

What Is Vet Source Medications? 

Vet Source Medications is a program that we partner with to help you get your pet his routine medications. Your pet's medications can be mailed to you on a monthly basis, so you do not have to worry about visiting our office and getting a prescription filled for your pet. 

What Are the Benefits of a Fully Stocked Pharmacy? 

Not every vet has a fully stocked pharmacy. This can make it challenging to get pet medications in a timely manner. We have a fully stocked pharmacy to ensure pets within our local area can get the medications that they need, when they need them, without any delays. 

When You Need a Veterinarian and Pet Pharmacy, Call Us!

Whether you are looking for a veterinarian who can care for your pet, or your pet has special needs or is ill and needs medication, Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown, TN. We have vets on staff who can examine your pet and we have a full pet pharmacy available so your pet can get the medications he needs. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.