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Pet dermatology is the science of diagnosing and treating skin conditions affecting dogs, cats, birds, rodents and other pets. Typical causes of itchiness, hair loss, scabbing and inflammation include fleas, food/seasonal allergies, contact dermatitis and systemic diseases. When you bring your pet to a Germantown, TN veterinarian because of a skin problem, your vet will carefully examine your pet's skin, ask whether other symptoms are present and want to know when the skin irritation began. Further diagnostic tests may be needed to accurately determine what kind of treatment is needed to restore your pet's skin health.

veterinarian examining a small dog's skin

Pet Allergies and Skin Problems

Allergic reactions to fleas, pollen/mold, shampoos, household cleaners and food may produce areas of skin irritation, hair loss, and rash. During late spring, summer and early fall, our Forest Hill Animal Hospital veterinarians recommend pet owners protect their pets with topical or oral anti-flea/tick medications. Flea allergy dermatitis affects pets allergic to chemicals in flea saliva. Crusty, oozing sores, hair loss, darkening of skin and black specks mottling the skin are signs of possible flea allergies in dogs and cats.

A pet eczema rash may be caused by allergic reactions to chemicals or shampoos while rough fabrics or cold, dry air can also provoke eczema outbreaks. Referred to by veterinarians as atopic dermatitis, eczema is characterized by:

  • Oozing blisters that crust if not cleaned
  • Bald patches
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Severe itching
  • Skin discolorations 
  • Lichenification (thickening of the skin)

Pets experiencing stress (new home, another pet added to the household) can also suffer skin irritations or eczema patches due to increased levels of hormones in their bodies.

Food Allergies and Skin Irritation in Pets

Symptoms of a food allergy in pets often manifest on the skin as the animal's immune system engages in an extreme response to allergens. Pet food additives and fillers like soy or corn can cause the development of fungal and bacterial skin infections, outer ear infections, skin plaques (broad, raised areas) and pustules. If left untreated, skin irritations due to food allergies could evolve into pyotraumatic dermatitis, or painful, itchy "hot spots" that become infected from excessive scratching.

Treatments for Skin Rash and Other Dermatological Conditions

Systemic veterinary medications are prescribed for most skin problems affecting dogs and cats. Antibiotics, antihistamines, antifungals and anti-parasitic drugs are effective for restoring a pet's skin health. If your pet is diagnosed with a food allergy, dietary modifications will be necessary to eliminate your pet's symptoms.

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