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You may keep every appointment with your family dentist and watch over your kids' dental health like a hawk -- but are your pets' teeth getting the same consideration? Animals can fall prey to many of the same dental and oral health challenges we humans contend with, from periodontal disease and infected teeth to oral cancer. That's why you need a regular source for skilled Germantown pet dental care -- and that's exactly what you've got here at Forest Hill Animal Hospital.

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Dental & Oral Problems in Pets Seen By Our Germantown Veterinarian

The most widespread dental issue faced by pets is periodontal disease. This inflammatory destruction of the tissues that support the teeth begins with the accumulation of plaque, which hardens into a rough material called tartar. Bacteria feed on the tartar, and their presence sets off an inflammatory response that destroys gum tissue, bone tissue and the ligaments that hold the teeth in their sockets. While severe periodontal disease leads to tooth loss, you can identify it earlier through symptoms such as:

  • Unusually bad breath
  • Drooling
  • Bleeding or reddened gums
  • Reluctance to eat

In addition to the pain they may experience from periodontal disease, pets who cannot chew their food well due to gum disease and tooth loss may experience digestive problems. Meanwhile, the bacteria infiltrating the gums may go on to damage other organs in the body.

The teeth themselves may also be damaged due to injury or bacterial infection, causing your pet severe pain and possibly threatening his systemic health. Elsewhere in the oral cavity, cancerous tumors may grow to an advanced stage before they become easily noticeable. Oral cancer is an aggressive and potentially deadly condition that must be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

Pet Teeth Cleaning and Dental Treatment From Your Veterinarian in Germantown

Our three-veterinarian team at Forest Hill Animal Hospital can keep your pet's mouth in optimal condition. Annual dental evaluations and pet teeth cleaning sessions from your veterinarian in Germantown are the best way to catch any problems at an early stage of development. If we discover a serious issue such as oral cancer or severe tooth damage, we will discuss treatment options with you. Dental surgery, for instance, can extract a tooth to protect other parts of the mouth from infection, or to remove a cancerous tumor.

Pet teeth cleaning involves placing your pet under general anesthesia and then scraping tartar off of the tooth surfaces below and above the gum line. We monitor your pet's vital signs closely and provide intravenous fluids to ensure his safety during this procedure. Your veterinarian in Germantown will also advise you on best practices for home-based dental hygiene to help your pet's mouth remain healthy between visits.

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