Pet Boarding FAQ

At Forest Hill Animal Hospital, we strive to provide the best of what veterinary care has to offer. That's why our team is committed to using state-of-the-art technology along with our advanced clinical skills and expertise to diagnose, treat, and prevent a wide range of conditions affecting our four-legged friends. 

Did you know we're also one of the premier area locations for pet boarding in Germantown? Read on to learn some frequently asked questions about our dog boarding and cat boarding services, and feel free to call us for more information. 

pet boarding FAQ from your veterinarian in forest hill

What Are Your Pet Boarding Facilities Like?

Our staff has done everything we can to make our pet boarding facilities like a home-away-from-home for your cat or dog. Our Kitty City is complete with individual "cat condos" that include multiple tiers and viewing windows. For our canine guests, we offer standard kennels as well as optional 6'x6' suites complete with glass viewing doors. 

Do I Need To Call Ahead And Make A Pet Boarding Reservation?

Yes. We ask that all pet owners call ahead to make a boarding reservation for their cat or dog. If you'd like to board your animal with us around the holidays, we encourage you to make your reservation early, as spots tend to fill up. 

Are Dogs And Cats Boarded Separately?

Yes. For the comfort and safety of your animal, we house dogs and cats separately. 

How Often Will My Dog Or Cat Get Exercise and/or Interact With Other People or animals?

Dogs are let outside 3 times per day and also have access to our indoor 3'x6' dog run. Dogs can also enjoy off-leash playtime with other dog boarders while the under supervision of our staff. Cats are also offered daily playtime with our staff. 

My Animal Requires Daily Medication. Is This A Problem?

Not at all! We're happy to make certain accommodations to make sure that your pet stays comfortable during its stay. We can give medications, supplements, extra feeding time, special treats, special meal prep, daily brushing, and extra handling care. 

What Should I Do To Prepare My Dog or Cat For Boarding?

Pet owners are welcome to bring in their animal's food and favorite toys. Be sure to let us know if your animal has any particular needs when it comes to a feeding schedule. Lastly, Before making a booking, it's important that you check with our Germantown veterinarian staff to ensure that your cat or dog has all the necessary vaccinations and preventive medications

Call Our Germantown Veterinarian Today!

Whether you're going out of town for the weekend, hosting guests, renovating your home, or simply need a safe place for your dog or cat, our Germantown veterinarian staff can help you out. Our veterinarians are on-call after hours to assist boarded pets if a medical emergency arises. Call 901-754-5007 today to make a dog boarding or cat boarding reservation!