Pet Boarding at Our Germantown Animal Hospital

Your pet means a lot to you, but that doesn't necessarily mean he can or should accompany you everywhere you go. If you're in a situation where you have to travel extensively or be in a remote locale (the hospital, a family reunion, a distant vacation site) for a significant amount of time, you may be wondering how you can keep your beloved friend safe, happy and healthy in your absence. Forest Hills Animal Hospital has the answer. We can provide high-quality, veterinarian-supervised pet boarding for dogs and cats right here at our Germantown animal hospital.

Why Board Your Pet With Your Germantown Veterinarian?

If you know of other pet owners who have left their animals alone in the house for extended periods, with only brief daily visits from a kind-hearted friend or neighbor, you may be wondering why you should board your pet with your Germantown veterinarian here at Forest Hill Animal Hospital. But a lot can happen in the course of an unsupervised day, including a sudden medical crisis -- especially if your pet is geriatric and/or dealing with health issues. Ready access to your Germantown veterinarian will help ensure your pet's safety while granting you peace of mind.

Your pet's peace of mind is also at issue. Animals who aren't used to being separated from their owners may become highly agitated, depressed or aggressive. This emotional roller coaster can manifest itself as destructive behavior or attempts to escape from your friend/neighbor at feeding time. Pet boarding in Germantown gives your pet the reassurance of being around other humans and animals instead of feeling isolated or forgotten.

State-of-the-Art Dog Boarding and Cat Boarding Services

Whether you own a dog, a cat or both, your pets will benefit greatly from their stay at Forest Hill Animal Hospital. We can watch over your pet and tend to any special medical needs he may have, taking vital signs and administering dosages of critical medicines right on schedule. We can also make sure your pet receives special diets, treats, handling or other extra care as needed. If any kind of trouble arises, our trained staff is right there to take care of it. We also offer the following separate dog boarding and cat boarding amenities:

  • Bed & Biscuit Inn - Our dog boarding facility features spacious 6'x6' luxury suites, indoor runs, outdoor playtime, and a choice of either Royal Canin GI Low Fat or his favorite food from home.

  • Kitty City - Our cat boarding facilities offers multi-tiered "Cat condos" in a quiet, peaceful environment (with optional window views), as well as daily brushing and any treats or toys you'd like to supply from home.

Schedule the Necessary Preparations for Pet Boarding in Germantown

Download the appropriate check-in form on this website to prepare your dog or cat for pet boarding in Germantown. Then call (901) 754-5007 to ask about vaccination updates and other preparations for reserving a boarding stay!

*To make your pet feel more at home, you may bring a favorite toy and preferred food .  We ask that you leave all personal pet bedding at home and allow us to pamper your pet with our provided bedding.