Bathing and Grooming FAQ

Pet Grooming in Germantown - FAQs Answered By Forest Hill Animal Hospital

While pet owners can handle some of their pet's bathing and grooming needs at home between professional appointments, some of their pet's needs are better left to a professional in order to ensure the safety of your pets. At Forest Hill Animal Hospital, we provide your pets with comprehensive bathing and pet grooming in Germantown. 

pet grooming faqs answered by your veterinarian in germantown

Frequently Asked Questions About Germantown Pet Grooming

Prior to scheduling their cat or dog's Germantown pet grooming appointment, pet owners often have several questions regarding the grooming services we offer, why their pet needs professional grooming, and what they should expect during the appointment. Our veterinarians answer some of your most frequently asked questions below. 

Why is it important for dogs and cats to have regular grooming and bathing appointments with a professional?

Keeping your dog or cat cleaned and well-maintained will not only leave him feeling better but also safeguards his health. Professional grooming appointments ensure your pet's coat stays healthy and at an appropriate, comfortable length. Grooming prevents matted fur and also allows a professional to closely inspect your pet for signs of skin conditions or parasites. 

What does a bathing and grooming appointment entail?

During a professional grooming appointment, your pet will be brushed, trimmed if necessary, and bathed. We also trim your pet's nails to a comfortable length and clean his or her ears to prevent infections. 

Is it okay for me to stay with my pet during his or her grooming appointment?

We recommend that pet owners leave during their pet's appointment, as your presence during the appointment can actually cause your pet to become more anxious. If you notice your pet seems nervous prior to the appointment, we ask that you make our groomer aware and do your best with treats and positive reinforcement to make a grooming a positive experience for your cat or dog. 

Does my pet need to have any particular vaccinations before visiting your groomer?

We require certain vaccinations prior to grooming. Our on-site veterinarians will help you determine whether your cat or dog is up to date to ensure his or her safety. 

What can I do at home to maintain my cat or dog's coat?

Unless pets really get themselves into a mess, we do not recommend bathing your pet at home more than once every few months because regular shampooing can break down some of the oils within their coats that keep pets healthy. We do recommend regular brushing to remove loose fur and cut down on shedding. 

Schedule A Pet Grooming Appointment with Forest Hill Animal Hospital

Our experienced pet groomer is available Monday through Friday for canine grooming and cat grooming appointments. To schedule a grooming appointment, to learn more about our bathing and grooming services, or to find out how you can help make grooming appointments a positive experience for your pet, contact Forest Hill Animal Hospital at (901) 754-5007 today.