Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care

If you are thinking about adopting a puppy or a kitten, you should understand that the care that they need differs from the care that adult dogs and cats require. When adopting a kitten or a puppy, the first call that you should make it to Forest Hill Animal Hospital. You should also know what the new addition to your family will need.

puppy and kitten care

Puppy Care

When your puppy first comes home, you need to be more vigilant than you would with an adult dog.

  • Separation anxiety: When you first bring your puppy home, they will miss their mother. To help them relax at night, you should give them a blanket that their mother once used, because it will smell like her. A ticking clock can also be helpful. This will help calm the puppy and provide a much-needed sense of familiarity in this new environment.
  • Training: Your adult dogs have bladders that are large enough where they can go several hours without needing to relieve themselves. Your puppy will need to go outside every two hours or so. If you aren't home to take him out that often, you can put train them in a crate. You can also put puppy pads on the floor for them to use if they cannot get outside in time. You should understand that potty training your puppy will take time and patience.
  • Feeding: When your puppy is young, you should set schedule feeding times. If you put their food in a dish, they might eat it all at once.  It’s better to have a feeding dish that slows down their eating so they don’t upset their stomach. Energy: Your puppy is going to have plenty of energy.  If they are cooped up in the house for too long, they will destructively use their pent-up energy by chewing on things they aren’t supposed to. You should take them for a few walks a day, and schedule play time.

Kitten Care

Kittens are easier to care for than puppies, but your kitten will require more care than your adult cats.

  • Sleep: If your kitten is sleeping a lot less than your adult cats, don't worry. It is normal for kittens to sleep less. When you bring your kitten home, you should get them a bed so they have a place of their own
  • Litter box: It won't take long for your kitten to learn to use the litter box. If your kitten isn't using the litter box, they may need some help.
  • Feeding: You should feed your kitten soft food twice a day because it is gentle on their young teeth. You should also make a bowl of hard food available at all times. Your cat needs hard food to remove the plaque from their teeth and to help them grow stronger.

Whether you have a puppy or a kitten, they will need an appointment at Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown for his first shots. Our veterinarian in Germantown can also discuss spaying and neutering with you, which should be done before their first birthday. You can call us at 901-754-5007 to schedule an appointment today!