Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke

Forest Hill Animal Hospital Offers Care for Pet Dehydration & Pet Heatstroke

As the hot weather approaches and people spend more time outdoors, pet owners should be on guard for signs of dehydration and heatstroke in their pets. These conditions can cause serious health problems and even death. At Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown, TN, we provide emergency care for dehydration and heatstroke for your pet.

Forest Hill Animal Hospital Offers Care for Pet Dehydration & Pet Heatstroke

Dehydration in Pets

Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water than it takes in. Electrolytes and water in the bloodstream are reduced and symptoms appear. This may occur as a result of hot weather, vigorous exercise, or illness that causes loss of fluid through vomiting and diarrhea. The symptoms of dehydration include vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, red gums, and loss of moisture in the eyes, nose, and mouth. If you lift the skin on the back of the animal’s neck and it fails to drop down flat to a normal position immediately, your pet is dehydrated. Contact your Germantown veterinarian immediately to discuss treatment.

Heatstroke in Pets

Heatstroke occurs when outdoor temperatures or humidity are high, but it can also occur when indoor areas become too warm. Animals may pant continuously, vomit, have bloody diarrhea, and have increased heart rate, seizures, or unconsciousness. This is a health emergency that needs immediate treatment by a veterinarian. Be aware that short-nosed animals, such as pugs, bulldogs, and Persian cats are more susceptible to heatstroke.

Prompt Veterinary Care Can Help Your Pet

Your veterinarian in Germantown is ready to help when your pet becomes dehydrated or develops heatstroke. We can provide IV fluids that will quickly re-hydrate the body. Medications to support blood pressure and other problems may also be needed.

Preventing Pet Dehydration and Pet Heatstroke

Owners should always ensure that their pets have fresh water on hand. If you go to the park or beach with your pet, bring along a dish and plenty of water to refresh him or her after activities. Find a shady area where your pet can escape the heat. Be aware of excessive heat in indoor areas. You should also provide shade for your pet in your yard. Monitor your pet for water consumption in warm conditions.

Make Forest Hill Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Germantown

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