Microchipping FAQs

Our Forest Hill Animal Hospital Answers Microchipping FAQs

If you recently took in a cat or dog to join your family, you undoubtedly want to care for them in the best way possible. One important task to undertake when providing your pet with care is to consider the microchipping process. Make an appointment at Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown to meet with our veterinarian to have your pet examined and allow our practitioner to provide you with this service if desired. Here are some frequently asked questions about microchipping to read over.

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What Exactly Is Microchipping?

Microchipping is the procedure done to insert a small chip into your pet which holds valuable information about you, its caregiver, in case it happens to become lost. This procedure is done in the comfort of our veterinarian's examination room and will help to locate you should your pet become separated from you. You will be asked to provide us with your contact information at the time of the microchipping process so it is uploaded to your pet's implant before it is inserted.

Will A Microchipping Process Hurt My Pet?

When your pet is microchipped, they will only feel minor discomfort at the injection site. Our veterinarian uses a needle to insert a tiny implant underneath the top layers of your pet's skin. The site may be a bit itchy or sore for a day or so after the injection, however, in most instances, a pet will not feel anything at all after the process is conducted. The insertion process feels much like getting a vaccination.

Where Is A Microchip Placed In My Pet?

Our veterinarian will conduct an exam to determine the best location for the insertion of its microchip. In most cases, this will be the location between the shoulder blades. This is best as your pet will not be able to bite or scratch at the implant after it is in place.

What Happens If My Pet Is Found?

If your pet is separated from you, and someone happens to find it, they will be likely to bring it to a veterinarian's practice or humane society. Each of these businesses has the capability to read the information on a chip with a special piece of equipment. Your pet will be checked to see if it has a chip in place, and if so, the information transferred to the chip reader will allow for the practice to contact you so you are reunited with your pet without delay.

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