Metabolic & Endocrine

Forest Hills Animal Hospital Offers Treatment of Pet Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders

Cats and dogs experience some of the same medical disorders that people do. Your veterinarian can provide testing to detect these issues, so that treatment can begin to keep your pet healthy and functioning. At Forest Hills Animal Hospital in Germantown, TN, we offer ongoing care for our patients with metabolic and endocrine disorders.


Metabolic Disorders in Pets

The metabolism is the way the body makes energy from the food. In pets, diabetes, in which insulin is not available to remove excess glucose from the body, or hypoglycemia, in which the body is unable to keep sufficient glucose in the bloodstream for energy cause metabolic problems. These conditions can be congenital, or they can develop later in life. Blood and urine tests are used to detect these conditions. You veterinarian can offer treatments, dietary advice, and other types of care that can help animals with these disorders.

Endocrine Disorders in Pets

The endocrine system involves glands that produce hormones that regulate different systems in the body. Thyroid disorders are among the most common endocrine system disorders. An animal may have an over- or underactive thyroid, which can affect weight, liver function, and other body processes. Proper treatment can help to regulate hormone production, so animals can maintain good health and normal bodily function.

Managing Metabolic & Endocrine Problems in Pets

Disorders such as diabetes, thyroid disease, and hypoglycemia require specific methods of management on an ongoing basis to help pets live a normal lifespan. Diabetic dogs can receive daily insulin injections to control high blood sugar levels. Cats with diabetes may not require insulin treatment, but can rely on dietary changes. Hypoglycemia may require administering frequent small meals and additional dextrose, either by mouth or through IV infusion. Endocrine system disorders benefit from dietary changes and medications, either by mouth or by injection.

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