Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

Heartworm Prevention and Treatment

Unfortunately, heartworm is a condition that afflicts many dogs and cats. This medical problem is preventable with an appropriate heartworm treatment but is not as easy to treat after the condition is contracted. Make an appointment at Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown for veterinary care for your pet. Here is some information about heartworm disease to read over so you understand why it is so important to protect your pet from this medical situation. 

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What Heartworm Disease Does To A Pet

Heartworm disease is passed on to animals by infected mosquitoes. If a mosquito bites an animal with the disease, and then it bites an unaffected animal, the disease will continue to the second animal. Small worms grow inside of the lungs or hearts of affected animals. The presence of these heartworms causes all kinds of ailments in pets from heart conditions to breathing problems, and eventually death. Safeguarding your pet from this condition with medication is the best way to ensure they remain in the best of health.

Preventative Measures To Take At Home

Make it a priority to reduce the potential of a mosquito infestation on your property. Mosquitos are drawn to areas where there is abundant moisture. Removing any standing water from your property will be beneficial in minimizing the population of mosquitoes that stick around. Consider using a pest control agent to treat your lawn and foliage against mosquitoes as well. Make sure that the agent you use is safe for your pet, however. Alternately, use citronella candles or lamps around the perimeter of your home to thwart mosquito infestations.

Why Seeing Our Veterinarian Is Best

A trip to see our veterinarian is the best course of action to stop heartworm disease completely. Your dog or cat will be provided with prescription medication to protect their body against potential heartworm disease. This is usually in a tablet or caplet form. The medication needs to be taken monthly to provide your pet with complete protection.

If your pet already has heartworm disease, our veterinarian will give you recommendations regarding their care to keep them comfortable. Dogs can be treated if they already have the disease. Unfortunately, there is no cure for heartworm disease in cats. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to provide your feline with adequate protection against this deadly disease.

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