Whenever you visit your doctor, you expect them to use all the tools possible to get to the root cause of your medical issues. Much like doctors have to use the proper diagnostic equipment to help get an accurate picture of your health, an animal hospital has to also do the same to determine the health of your pet! At Forest Hill Animal Hospital in Germantown, TN, we pride ourselves on only using the highest-quality and most accurate diagnostic equipment to help determine the best treatment for your pet. With the help of our trained veterinarian staff and diagnostic equipment, you can rest assured your pet is getting the right diagnosis and care they need to improve their quality of life.


Does An Animal Hospital Need to Use Diagnostic Tools?

Diagnostic tools can help our veterinarian determine what the best course of action will be for your pet and help paint an accurate picture of your pet's illness. At Forest Hill Animal Hospital, our diagnostic equipment includes:

  • X-Rays: X-rays are powerful tools that allow our veterinarian to take a look inside of your pet. X-rays can help a veterinarian determine if your pet has any broken bones following a traumatic injury, diagnose the presence of cancerous tumors and cysts, or determine the extent of issues such as osteoarthritis.
  • Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds are commonly used during prenatal care for your pet dog or cat. They can help determine the health of puppies and kittens, and also get an accurate estimate of how many animals your dog or cat might give birth to. In addition, ultrasounds can detect fluid in the chest or abdomen due to internal injuries or other diseases. If an x-ray is abnormal, your veterinarian might use an ultrasound to get a more accurate picture of your pet's health.
  • Lab work: Bloodwork is incredibly important to help determine any deficiencies your pet might have, or to determine if your pet might be suffering from organ failure or other issues with their internal organs. 

How Does a Veterinarian Use Diagnostics?

As outlined above, your veterinarian can use the results of diagnostic tests to determine the right treatment for your pet. This can include changes in medication, chemotherapy, surgery, or physical therapy. By using accurate diagnostics, our veterinarian can also get updated information on whether or not treatment is working and modify treatment accordingly.

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